Butterfly Labs BFL 60 Gh/s ASIC Bitcoin BTC Miner SGL600G ...

For Sale: Butterfly Labs BFL 50 Gh/s Bitcoin Miner and power supply on cryptothrift

For Sale: Butterfly Labs BFL 50 Gh/s Bitcoin Miner and power supply on cryptothrift for cryptocoins
Tags: BFL, BITCOIN, Miner
cryptothrift is a Bitcoin, Litecoin and altcoin marketplace and auction site with automated escrow.
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[US-CA][H] 5+GHs Bitcoin Miner (BFL Jalapeno) [W] Bitcoins or Paypal

I have a Bitcoin miner that I'd be willing to part with. I want to sell this model of Bitcoin miner. It is plug in and play, just grab the software/drivers from the Butterfly Labs Website and you will be making Bitcoins in no time. The miner only has about a month of wear. It will not be shipping with a PSU however, as I need it's PSU for another miner, but it just takes a standard 13V/6A DC PSU. I'm looking for ~40$ plus shipping. The miner tends to mine between 5 and 7 GHs.
Confrimation: http://i.imgur.com/Rp4Lbh6.jpg
I look forward to doing business with my fellow Redditors!
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Butterfly Labs Jalapeno 7+ GH/s BFL ASIC Miner - For Parts - Not Working is for sale on cryptothrift.com for Bitcoin and Litecoin https://cryptothrift.com/auctions/crypto-mining-asic/butterfly-labs-jalapeno-7-ghs-bfl-asic-miner-for-parts-not-working-5/

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2 Reasons Why Dogecoin Should Adapt Vertcoin's Features

Dogecoin should adapt both Scrypt-n as it's proof of work, and Kimotos Gravity Well as the method for adjusting difficulty.
Let me start with Kimitos Gravity Well. This is an algorithm used for adjusting the network difficulty. It adjusts the difficulty slightly every block rather than every set period, so that profit switching pools can not take advantage of it. It smooths out difficulty adjustments too.
This is needed because Dogecoin is about to be exploited by profit switching pools. Right now there's about 50 GH/s(over half of the network!) of profit switching pools mining Doge. When the block reward is halved in less than a week, we're going to see a ton of coin hopping between Litecoin and Dogecoin by these pools. This threatens the network, as the hashrate distribution and difficulty would become incredibly unstable. With this change, the difficulty would only fluctuate by about 5-10% throughout the day even with profit switching pools, unlike the 50%+ it will likely see using the current method.
The second thing is adaptive scrypt-n. Scrypt-n is a proof of work algorithm that makes ASICs nearly impossible to create. It adjusts the memory requirement on a block schedule, so that ASICs would likely never be made for it. ASICs are dedicated devices for mining that are much more power efficient than GPUs, and eventually will become more cost efficient. Dogecoin uses plain scrypt, and ASICs for it are already being developed. Eventually once these devices become more advanced, they will make gpu mining near impossible, and you will need an ASIC to profit or even make a moderate amount of Doge.
ASICs will make acquiring Dogecoin hard for newcomers. Looking at Bitcoin, many ASIC companies like BFL end up as scams, and those that aren't charge ridiculous prices for units that won't even make ROI. Mining with a gpu will get you nothing. I don't want this to happen to Dogecoin, as it is a fun cryptocurrency that is designed for the people. Eventually ASIC companies may withhold their technologies and use it for themselves, and as a result could control too much of the network. Look at Bitcoin, where KNC miner plans to create a 10 Megawatt mining farm in Sweden that is estimated to control 60-70% of the network.
Not just do ASICs ruin the fun of the coin by making it impossible for newcomers to easily mine a few doge, but it also ruins the security of the coin long term. I really hope we can convince the devs to implement scrypt-n, as I want Dogecoin to stay fun and secure. It sadly would require a hard fork, but it would be planned ahead of time. Better now than before Dogecoin grows larger, and before people with thousands of dollars invested into ASICs refuse to switch. Don't wait until ASICs become overpowered-it will be too late.
Vertcoin is a great coin from a technical standpoint, but it lacks the large and friendly community Dogecoin has behind it and also is deflationary, making it not as ideal as an internet currency that is intended to be shared a lot. I feel like Dogecoin could make great use of it's technology.
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Bitcoin Tax Attorney here. I am around for discussion or questions related to Bitcoin Tax treatment, including tax planning opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Anyone have issues with their tax returns due to lots of Bitcoin usage or from the sale and disposition of Bitcoin? Anyone looking for any tax favorable planning opportunities? Either as an individual who sold a bunch for profit or for a business who has begun accepting Bitcoin for the first time.
My practice has focused on helping both individuals and businesses for Bitcoin tax related matters for much of this year. I am available for discussion here in the comments, and for more specific matters, please PM me.
I'm a tax attorney based in Los Angeles and big bitcoin fan and miner going way back. I've been lurking hear on bitcoin for years. I was a miner back in 2011-2013, build my own custom rigs with 6 Radeon 7970s.
Then I was among the first to receive a couple of BFL's 5 gh/s cubes and then one of the first 50 Gh/s. (I knew that was a lawsuit waiting to happen against BFL. Scoundrels) Good memories all around. I still have my spreadsheets keeping track of what I mined. Altogether, with the pools, I mined over 100 bitcoin. Alas, I sold many of them when the price was $300 or less.
All this time I was focusing on tax law, finishing Tax LLM courses in Los Angeles. So, it was inevitable that the two interests would merge. I ended up writing a proposal to treat Bitcoin as currency as opposed to property.
Here is a link to my paper on this which Tax Notes published as their cover story a few months back, which was completely unexpected but kinda cool to see this niche interest rewarded.
Paper: "Bitcoin: Property or Currency?" http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2708188
Got to go on a State Bar Delegation to DC to enlighten folks with the power to actually do something about it. Delegation met with IRS Chief Counsel, including people who drafted the Notice treating Bitcoin as property. Also folks from Treasury Dept, Senate Finance Committee, House Ways & Means, etc.
I urged for currency treatment (as opposed to property treatment) of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in fact anything built on the basis of the Blockchain meant as a mode to transact money.
If any of you guys had to do your taxes this year, and have bought and spent a lot of Bitcoin, or even just mined and sold, you probably know some of the difficulties I'm alluding to without even mentioning.
Should we really have to calculate capital gains/loss on the purchase of a cup of coffee at your neighborhood cryptocurrency friendly coffee shop, for example? Even with purchases at Overstock.com or Dell, you were technically supposed to calculate capital gains and losses and provide supporting backup on your tax returns this year.
What a practical and administrative nightmare for both taxpayers and for the IRS who has to wade through this. I feel like some of what I wrote got through to them. As we all know, government lags far behind emerging technologies. But they did seem genuinely interested, and I do not believe my paper and proposal fell upon deaf ears.
I have my own law office these days and work with or for many attorneys on various matters, just as I have a number of attorneys assist me. No such thing as a pure solo practitioner these days. No man can afford to be an island.
This tax year has been very rewarding and helped a great many tax clients with Bitcoin issues from anything to bookkeeping to strategic planning for the short-term as well as long-term.
Any accountant knows the terms LIFO and FIFO, but there's seemingly no hard and fast rules for measurement for when a particular bitcoin was bought and sold for purposes of calculating gains/losses. Also, no hard and fast rules as to where the particular market price of Bitcoin is found on a particular day.
Everything is loose, open to interpretation by the tax payer, and with strategic guidance, can prove incredibly tax favorable ultimately. It is wise for a business to accept Bitcoin for many reasons, including that broad opportunity for interpretation while staying true to the property guidance.
So, it is ultimately very taxpayer friendly due to this broad leeway. More than that, treating bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as property rather than currency is also taxpayer friendly by definition. Your bitcoin gains will only be taxed at your capital gains rate instead of as ordinary income, a higher rate.
I assisted a lot of individuals and even businesses who accepted bitcoin for the first time this year. I intended to post on /bitcoin before to offer my services and to also just allow people to send me questions, which I am happy to discuss in private for free.
I got pretty slammed up to tax day, but I'm free now. Just hit me up by private message or shoot me an email at thebitcoinlawyer at g mail.
Any questions or thoughts, I'll be around. I'm often around /bitcoin anyway. Love this community. And if I can serve as help for any of you, all the better. Thanks.
TL;DR Bitcoin Tax Attorney available for discussion on tax issues here in comments, or for more personalized issues, hit me up by PM
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[USA-IL][H] 4 Antminer S4 2.0 TH/s bitcoin miners with cables, Antminer S1, Butterfly Labs Single, power supply [W] Local cash [Chicago & NW burbs]

timestamp and pictures
Selling ≈ 8.2 TH/s worth of bitcoin mining equipment in the following configuration:
4x 2.0 TH/s Antminer S4 bitcoin miners with internal PSUs and power cords
1x 180 GH/s Antminer S1 bitcoin miner
1x 60 GH/s Butterfly Labs "Single" bitcoin miner
1x Dynex DX-520WPS PSU with cables to power the S1 and the BFL single
Everything works as it should within spec for performance, heat, and power consumption. The Antminers' cases show evidence of being moved and re-setup a few times (because they have been) but all issues are cosmetic only. The biggest blemish is a rip in the plastic protective layer over one of the status LCDs on the front of the S4 units.
Asking $1300 for the whole bundle, local cash at pickup or delivery within 50 miles of 60169.
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The $22,484.00 Butterfly Labs Mini Rig bitcoin miner is a huge, broken, unstable piece of shit.

(This was a rather controversial article posted on Buttcoin.org and became quite popular, even moving to the top of /bitcoin. It's since been mysteriously edited on the site [maybe by g-g-g-ghosts!] so it's being reposted here for posterity's sake. Some numbers may be off by now, but it was all accurate at the time of posting.)
Butterfly Labs has a long and horrible history with their mining rigs. They started taking pre-orders over a year ago, with a ship time sometime in late July. After numerous delays in production, shipping problems and general incompetence, the only thing they’ve managed to get out the door are some of their tiniest miners, the Jalapenos. And those mainly ended up in the hands of reviewers and blogs in order to keep pumping the Butterfly Labs hype train and securing millions of dollars of pre-orders still in limbo.Lucky BFL forums user Luke-JR however scored a sweet Mini Rig from Butterfly Labs (it’s just a coincidence he’s a driver developer for them I’m sure). This rig was originally promised to produce 1500 GH/s hashing power at 1500 watts for $30,000, but has since seen it’s hashing power slashed to a third of what was promised and it’s power consumption increased 75%, now just offer 500 GH/s at 2400 watts. They’ve promised to make good on pre-order buy sending out 3 rigs to match the initial hashing rate, so now it’s only 1500 GH/s at 6900 watts, a reduction in GH/Watt by a factor of 5.
So what does $22,484 buy you? Take a look!
Minirig is here! Today, my Minirig arrived.
FedEx apparently dropped it somewhere along the way, and the weakest part of the case, the thin metal part around the back of the PSU, broke.
I’m not sure how sturdy the back side was supposed to be, but its two pieces aren’t quite together either.
The power supplies (EVGA 1500W) also created havoc interfering with the neutral on the power line. This disrupted X10 communication significantly enough that the pool overflowed because the system controlling it was unable to turn off the pump. Workaround: This PSU supports 240V, so we rewired the outlet. 240V does not use neutral, so now all should be okay.
Edit: 240V workaround is only partial. Still having problems
But the good news is, it all seems to be working for the most part.
Next up, installing it in the window so the heat goes outside
A twenty two thousand dollar box of electronics that is broken out of the box, that required the guy to do a sketchy electrical workaround to get partially working, that he is going to install in a window… and he’s happy about it?
In case you didn’t notice it, the delivered unit is different than the picture on the website. They had to install 2 power supplies instead of 1 and had to modify the case to fit. Also, if you didn’t notice, the LCD/Phone thingy in the front has been replaced by … a piece of cardboard spray painted black. Wonderful.
You could maybe chalk this up to a careless Fedex postman, but when you’re shipping something that costs as much as a mid-sized sedan, how bought putting a little more effort into packing? Dell and HP can ship bigger and heavier servers across the world without this kind of problem.
The unit had to hit its huge power draw increase by putting dual EVGA consumer grade power supplies in the unit. We’re talking almost a 75 amp load (6*1500/120), disregarding power factor. He could very well overload the circuit panel and trip the main breaker for the house.
Let’s take a look inside this guy.
This is from an earlier version of the Minirig (note the single power supply) This is apparently from an earlier FPGA but it will give you a good glimpse at what kind of craftsmanship you can expect from a computer that is half the average household income in the United States.
Consumer grade PSU and cheap USB hubs glued to the inside case.
Electrical tape and random velcro glued to the insides
A closer look at the USB hubs. Plugs are hot glued to stay secured.
Electrical tape everywhere, splices and voided hardware are the theme.
You can view the entire album here.
Despite all that, this thing can still mine bitcoins and it should be profitable. Keep in ind that many people jumped in on the preorders a year ago when bitcoins were still hovering around $6.50 per. Meaning customers paid 1562 bitcoins for that particular piece of shit, which at today’s value is $156,200. Aston martin money. How long will it take them to make their money back (as apposed to just hanging on to them)? If the difficulty didn’t change, they would make 37 bitcoins a day and recoup the initial investment in 124 days. Difficulty is jumping pretty much 20% every 12 days or so, so in the next week before adjustment, they’ll make 259, the next 12 days 369, the next 12 days 312, then 256, then 213, etc.
So by day 127, they’ll be halfway to breaking even, but by day 151 they’ll be making less than 5 bitcoins a day, and even if difficulty stopped rising at that point(which it won’t), it would take another 435 days for a total of 586 days to break even. If difficulty kept rising at the same pace, by day 200 they’d be making 2.4 bitcoins per day, and it would take 1024 days to break even with no difficulty increase. Assuming 25 cents per kw/h, and $100 a bitcoin, it would cost 0.43 of a bitcoin per day in electricity which means the unit would no longer be profitable on a power usage basis by day 307, at which point it will have produced 2620 bitcoins.
Bear in mind this is only for the first few units, and that’s running 24/7 pumping out around 24,000 BTU, so yes, medical bills from heat stroke will be on top of that.
But Alas, the chips don’t run nearly as well as they’re supposed to, frequently running too hot and giving multiple hardware failures. Coindesk noted in one of the first ever runs of the Minirig by hosting provide gigavps that it was running much too hot and erroring out.
At the time of posting, gigavps warned that the unit would be repeatedly shut down while ckolivas, who was assisting, modified the machine’s software to optimise performance. After some tweaking, the device was said to have been left to run continuously for two hours, and was shown to have an average hash rate of 478.1 GH/s. As you can see in the table below, ASIC number four (of a total of eight hashing chips) ran significantly hotter (86 degrees) and consequently gave the highest hardware (HW) error rate.
So, what happens if you just decide you don’t want this, you don’t want to wait over a year to get a $22,000 broken piece of shit? Nothing, because BFL won’t let you cancel your preorder because they’re now “shipping”, i.e. they sent out one unit to their own company shill.
Which is of course illegal regardless of what Butterfly Labs may say.
So in summary: Don’t buy anything from Butterfly Labs … ever.
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investing in two BFL 50 GH/s Bitcoin Miner

Hi miners..
I am fairly new to Bitcoin and mining process so basically I am a big newb with some money to invest.
I am thinking of buying 2 x 50 GH/s Bitcoin Miner from BFL since they say that they have them in stock to ship right away (I hope so). That would be a $5000 investment + 30% in importing fees for me so I was wondering what do you guys think? is it worth it? When could I expect ROI? By some predictions (which I'm very skeptical about) it should be in 3 to 4 months.
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How much would a 60gh miner be worth

Hi I have a (BFL) 60 GH/s Bitcoin Miner. How much would you guys think its worth?
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Is all mining now negative return-on-investment?

I have been closely watching the mining scene for only about 3 months, so excuse me if this sort of question is asked frequently, or is too speculative.
Is all BTC mining now underwater, with a negative ROI?
That's what it looks like to me. I initially got interested years ago, when the return was small and BTC was not worth much. I didn't mine because it seemed like a miniscule return on investment. Oh I wish I had started back then, those "worthless" BTCs would be worth a lot now.
But I started getting more interested again when that Ars Technica article on the BFL Jalapeno appeared. Holy crap, a machine that prints free money. He made hundreds of bucks in a week.
So I started checking it out. With the delays in BFL's product shipping, all the mining calculators show that any new investment in mining hardware will never break even. Difficulty is increasing so fast, that the only machines making money are already in place, and soon they won't even pay for the cost of electricity.
Now just to screw this up even further, BFL did a classic "Osborne Effect" announcement of their new Monarch board. Their existing ASIC machines are obsolete. The new 28nm machine that does not exist yet, is promised to deliver 600Gh for 350 watts, and costs $4680. I ran the numbers through the mining calculator at The Genesis Block. Unfortunately their calculator seems to be down at the moment, but I recall running numbers on a Monarch, delivered even in December, would not break even unless BTC went up to 2000 per dollar!
Now even accounting for BFL's broken promises, if I could buy mining hardware like this today and turn it on now, it would make a negative ROI. I run the numbers for every possible hardware I could buy, none of them are as cheap in dollars/Gh or Gh/watt as the Monarch. And none of them break even.
I decided to track the existing performance of mining using my dinky Mac mini's GPU. It won't mine much, and GPU mining will never break even in a network full of ASICs. But it would give a rough index of how difficulty is affecting mining. Here's a rough description of my results. At this point, it looks like mining is doubling in difficulty every month. Nobody can make money unless either BTC rises in value dramatically, or the majority of miners give up and unplug their unprofitable mining hardware.
So someone tell me if this assessment is realistic or not. At the moment, it looks like any new investment in mining hardware will result in turning every dollar of investment into 50 cents worth of BTC at most. With increasing difficulty, soon even existing mining hardware will be turning every dollar of electricity into less than a dollar worth of BTC. ROI is underwater now for new hardware, and soon will be underwater for all hardware, even advanced ASICs that haven't even shipped yet. There are only two ways that mining might ever make a profit. One is if almost everyone gives up when their miners become unprofitable. The other is if BTC goes up massively in value to like $2500/USD, which will only fuel the arms race even more.
Yeah, I know there is a big incentive to spread disinformation to convince people to drop out of mining. So don't try to BS me. Let me hear your honest assessments, or please point me in a direction where I can do research to figure this out.
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So I'm told my upgradable 50GH $1K ASIC clone order is complete

8/3/13 Update: Hey this post made the sidebar! Oh wait. That ain't good. Still no update from mfg. No tracking #. Site actually still shows my order as processing. If they prove skeptics wrong, I'll update it. newest TL; DR: Don't be "that guy." Don't order from ASX Project.
7/28/13: I admit I was feeling a bit uneasy about this Avalon clone ASIC miner order I made with ASX Project. The "resources" on Bitcoin Talk still sees this as a straight scam. I actually emailed the company a letter reminding them about karma due to a lack of progress/updates for the 2 days past their shipping date.
It was money I can afford to lose, but hell, who likes to lose money on a calculated gamble? To be honest I was about ready to write it off (and still willing to write off) with maybe a token complaint to a Shenzhen anti-corruption agency of some sort. I don't have a tracking # yet but man it'd be a helluva coup if a newbie like me can come online in the next week or two with 50GH out of left field. ETA? Will update as it progresses, I did ask for a tracking #.
Planning on immediately ordering 3 more modules to nearly triple my hash rate to 125GH if I see it running without too many errors/issues for 24 hours. 25Gh/s Modules sell for $300. FWIW: I'm so new my 1st ever mining equipment: a BFL Jally arrives Mon.
TL;DR: N00b takes a gamble on $1K 50GH/s Avalon ASIC clone ~2 weeks ago: allegedly shipping. It's still Caveat Emptor until someone has vid/photos of ASX Project miners in the wild
Text below:
Hi there. Your recent order on ASX Project has been completed. Your order details are shown below for your reference:
Order: #4XX
ASX Bitcoin Mining System (25-125 GH/s) Assembly: No, Extra ASIC Module: +1 (50 GH/s System) 1 $999
Cart Subtotal: $999
Shipping: Free Shipping
Order Total: $999
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How to buy an ASIC miner for less $200

Here is a solution for those who don’t trust BFL but want to have their own ASIC miner:
  1. Buy 10 AVALON chips from zefir for 0,86 BTC: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=177827.0
  2. Order an assembled miner from burnin for 80 EUR: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=179769.0
As the result you will have a ~2,8 GH/s ASIC bitcoin miner.
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Mining as a hobby

I'm a noob to the mining scene but I have been interested for a while in bitcoins, and have a small wallet as a hobby of mine, but I really want to mine. Not to make loads of cash or anything, but just a reasonable investment into something that will pay for itself, and be a cool gizmo. If I ordered something like 5 GH/s BTC miner from BFL, would it still be worth it's own cost when I finally receive it? Or is there some other better miner for a little more money I should look at?
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BFL Jalapeno alternative?

Hey /bitcoinmining!
I recently stumbled upon some bitcoin in an old wallet, and I'm looking to re-invest my newfound wealth into BTC mining. I wouldn't be doing so looking to make a profit, it would be more of a hobby purchase. In my research, I found the BFL jalapeno, a machine that seems to fit my needs perfectly - under $500, small, and powerful. However, in looking into BFL as a company, all I can find is horror stories. Hell, the number 3 link in the sidebar is how to get a refund from BFL.
I've looked around a little bit, but all I've found (either linked from here or other places) are miners that are either inexpensive hobby miners without very much power, or monsters that cost well over $500. I just can't seem to find something small and cheapish that compares to the jalapeno.
So my question is: Is there a good alternative to the BFL jalapeno that I can purchase from a company that doesn't have a horrendous track record? I'm not looking for an ROI, but I am looking for something with a little umph under the hood: at least 5 GH/s like the jalapeno, in a box I can set on my desk and forget about, all in a package for under ~$500. Energy consumption isn't an issue.
TL;DR: What's an alternative to the BFL jalapeno that I can get from a non-shady company?
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Wanted: BFL February (or 1st week of March 2013) 60Gh/s miner pre-order

I am too stupid to know any better, I know.
But I am interested in buying a BFL 60 Gh/s miner pre-order from February or early March 2013.
Also willing to consider a 30Gh/s pre-order if the price is interesting.
If anyone is selling, would you please PM me your best price (USD / GBP) and terms (Paypal, Wire Transfer, Escrow.com etc.) along with your order detail (date of pre-order, shipping paid etc.)
Can't pay via bitcoins, unfortunately.
And yes, I know the one about A fool and his money...
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BFL asic update may 22nd.

22 May 2013
Progress has not stopped here at the labs while we attended the 2013 Bitcoin Conference. We demonstrated a 5 GH/s, a 25 GH/s and a 50 GH/s miner at the conference that people could see, touch, stroke and pet, all while they were mining on an Android tablet. It was a good conference and we were glad that we could demonstrate working units and meet many of our customers and fellow bitcoiners. It was a pleasure meeting many of you.
We have resolved the issues with the long boards and are making some tweaks to the 5 GH/s boards that may reduce power consumption but will almost certainly reduce heat output. With that in mind, we should be getting about 200 5 GH/s boards on Friday, and we'll be shipping those out on Friday and Saturday.
As a term/jargon/technical note, here is the informal and/or official designations here at BFL:
Short Board = ~92mm x 92mm board that contains up to 8 chips and powers the 5 GH/s miner, typically with just 1 or 2 chips. Long Board = The board that powers the Little Single, Single and Minirig and can contain up to 16 chips in two banks of 8. Jalapeno is now called the 5 GH/s miner and is synonymous. The Minirig is now a 500 GH/s unit.
Our chips consume about 3 - 3.5w per GH/s at the chip level, so there is some room for tweaking, which we will be focusing on as soon as we get the final rev out for the Long Boards. Speaking of Long Boards, we have what we are considering the last rev for shipment coming next Monday or Tuesday the 27th or 28th of May (they may even be done with manufacturing this Saturday the 25th) and we will continue to refine the firmware for that board until the final rev arrives in KC. Assuming no problems with it, we will be being shipment shortly thereafter. The long boards will be powered by one or two PCIe style 6 pin Minifit Jr connectors. Please be aware that these connectors, while using the same form factor as PCIe connectors are not PCIe connectors, though they are electrically compatible with them (Meaning you can likely use an ATX PSU at your own discretion if you chose not to use our supplied power bricks). The Little Single and Single will have a 120mm fan at each end of the case in a push/pull configuration. Each bank of 8 chips will have a heatsink, heat baffle and 92mm fan on top of it. Cooling will not be an issue with these units and they will be fairly quiet to run if you are in a cool environment. The fan will scale up and down in speed as required due to heat. The units will be stackable and have a side to side or front to back airflow, depending on how you orient them.
We are expecting several thousand chips next week from our new packaging facility and expect to start shipping all product lines next week. Beyond that, we will be receiving thousands of chips per week at an ever increasing pace between now and until all of the remaining 68 wafers are used up. We have additional wafers on order and they should be ready about the time we've used up all 68 wafers should we need them. Soon after, we hope to have product on the shelf for immediate shipment, depending on how many orders come in between now and when we catch up the backlog.
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Is It worth getting into Mining Right Now?

Im Considering getting into mining as a summer project/hobby and to potentially get some spare coin, and Im wondering if it is even worth it for my budget frame. Even though its a tad controversial, Im considering the BFL 5 Gh/s Miner because it doesn't seem to be too expensive for an asic, and seems like it would eventually produce some money. But I was also considering using 2 5770's for about the same price, albeit a much lower hash rate, but I would be able to get mining sooner. Are either of these a good idea/worth it? If its any help, I would be in a pool. Edit: forgot to add the 6770 to the list
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New miner in need of some estimates.

I'm reading up on all these ASIC and mining difficulty problems. I'm trying to figure out whether I should invest in a BFL miner or not considering the difficulty spike that is going to come with when they ship those.
Does anyone have any estimates for, lets say in 6 months, the difficulty and the amount of bitcoins mined for the 5, 25, 50 gh/s miners? Mostly, when you estimate they would pay for themselves.
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I got scammed on Bitcoin Classifieds buying a BFL miner, is there any way to get it back? And what can I do in the future to prevent it? Please help me r/bitcoin

I should of known it was too good to be true. I was blinded by the idea of getting something so amazing, I overlooked the obvious signs.
Here's a link to the post I was looking at (the review was not there when I paid the btc): http://www.bitcoinclassifieds.net/ad/4275_ASIC__5_GHs_Bitcoin_Miner_BUTTERFLYLABS/.
Here is my email conversations with the person: http://i.imgur.com/5rJi2iK.png.
I googled the information that this person had given me (phone number and name) and I came upon a skin care buisness (A SKINCARE BUSINESS! I don't know why I thought 'oh, must run a skincare business and the bfl miner is just too much to manage'). I used blockchain to track the flow of where my bitcoins went, but there are so many forks, that I don't know which path to go down. I have no idea what to do (if there is anything that can be done...). What should I have done, so this does not happen to me or anyone else who reads this post?
Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I appreciate it more than I can put into words.
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Butterfly Labs Is Soliciting Previous Customers

An apparently contracted sales drone just called me representing Butterfly Labs. (I bought a Jalapeño back in March which shipped last month.) He offered me a 20% discount on any new purchase, and then mentioned the 600 GHs Monarch preorder. He estimated that it would ship "I don't know when." (http://www.butterflylabs.com/monarch/)
Even after waiting 7 months for my rapidly depreciating ASIC miner, I never believed that BFL was intentionally preying on gullible Bitcoin neophytes. After all, the product I received was solid, attractive, and it performed better than advertised. It's legit. But after talking to this sales dude, I have a different opinion. Preording Bitcoin mining hardware is a mistake you only make once. Surely BFL knows this, and yet they are trying to fool me twice. Nice try.
UPDATE: I received the "personalized discount code" e-mail. It expires in one week. Chuckle.
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Gumtree and bitCoin :)

Basically I wanted to sell my ASIC miner on gumtree. but my Add kept removed from the site. so I have asked them why. here is a transcript of the chat :)
• Rossana P: Hello, you are chatting with Rossana, how can I help? Kindly provide your ad id or email address if you haven’t already provided these details on the pre-chat form.
• You: Hi there, i have question regarding my add which has been removed
• You: Ive checked the allowed items on your gumtree : http://gumtree.force.com/Help/articles/General_Information/Items-not-allowed-on-GumtreeYou: and cannot find anything regarding my product that i wanted to sell
• Rossana P: Let me take a look at that for youYou: yes please
• Rossana P: Your ad was removed as we do not allow bit coins and other online points to be sold. Therefore items that contain this are not allowed
• Rossana P: are you there?
• You: sorryYou: yes
• You: it is not bitcoin
• You: its a device which can be purchased from your sister website ebay.
• You: REf: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Butterfly-Labs-BitForce-60-GH-s-BFL-ASIC-Miner-In-UK-/271306181008?pt=UK_Computing_Other_Computing_Networking&hash=item3f2b1bc990You: it is listed as computing and other computing hardware
• Rossana P: let me check for you
• You: sure!
• Rossana P: I have looked into this for you and as you can receive bitcoins with the device and we do not allow bitcoins, we cannot allow your item
• Rossana P: I apologise for any inconvenience caused
• You: This product does not explicitly receives bitcoin. it is a sha256 processor which designed to perform calculations. having said that it can be used for bitcoin calculations.
• You: you are allowing computer to be sold, bit coins can be gained from computers too
• Rossana P: Yes, however as it can be used for bit coins we do not allow it. I apologise for the inconvenience caused. We will gladly allow other ads posted by you however in this case we cannot
• You: may i know the difference between allowing computers and not allowing ASIC devices?
• You: just to inform you.. Mobile phones could be used to produce bit coins
• Rossana P: I can imagine that this can be frustrating to encounter however we cannot allow your ad. I will forward on your feedback
• You: You took the time to give me an answer for which I didn't questioned.
• You: Computers, mobile phones, graphic cards can be used to gain bitcoins.. why would you restrict ASIC devices only?
• Rossana P: these are our posting rules and as this devices can be used for bit coins we do not allow it.You:http://gumtree.force.com/Help/articles/General_Information/Items-not-allowed-on-GumtreeYou: is your restriction. could you please point me out where exactly i can find about this device?You: on your restriction list*
• Rossana P: The item is not named in the list however it can be related to virtual merchandise due to bit coins which we do not allow
• You: define merchandise.
• You: it has nothing to do with VIRTUAL merchandise
• You: it is an actual product which is capable of perform complex calculations. it can be used for mathematical purposes, educational purposes anything but calculations
• Rossana P: As advised these are our terms and conditions and we cannot allow you ad to go live as the item can be used for bit coins we do not allow. I apologise for any inconvenience caused and I can imagine that this can be frustrating , however this does not comply with our posting rules as advised by our policy review team, with whom I have consulted. for this reason I cannot advise you further or otherwise on the matter.You: would i be able to take legal action against you? because you haven't listed the item on your restriction list. And failing to give provide a correct statement.
• Rossana P: As advised we do not allow the ad as it can be used for bit coins which we do not allow. I cannot advise you further or otherwise on the matter, for that reason I will have to terminate this chat
And disconnected :D
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I am considering investing my money into bit coin mining and have some questions about ASIC's

So live in my parents house in the southwestern US where the house runs on mounted solar panels(free power). I have considered investing in either the 50 GH/s Bitcoin Miner from BFL or the Avalon ASIC which says it mines 60 GH/s either way when I type this into a Calculator it SAYS i should pay off the 3-6 thousand dollar investment in like 20 days. This all sounds to good to be true. I want to know your opinion.
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Butterfly Labs 50 Gh/s ASIC Bitcoin Miner SHA-256 Butterfly Labs 50Gh/s ASIC Miner - Mining Overview Review Bitcoin and Litecoin Mining Rigs. See the differences Butterfly Labs 5 GH/s ASIC Bitcoin mining rig, the Jalapeno Part 1 T4D #84 - Pt 2 Bitcoin Mining, BFL ASIC vs FPGA vs GPU vs CPU

Here Our Miner is Inside Connect & Full Node With Your Submit Bitcoin address Automatically . For a fully decentralized pool, we highly recommend Our Unknown Mining Pool. Our pools are believed to be currently fully validating blocks with Bitcoin Core 0.9.5 or later (0.10.2 or later recommended due to DoS vulnerabilities): BFL now selling a 500 GH/s Bitcoin Miner ... for $22,484. Close. 69. Posted by. u/richielaw. 6 years ago. Archived. ... KNCMiner Jupiter goes for $20/gh and this rig goes for $45/gh, a little better than the other BFL lineup that goes for $50/gh. I toyed with the idea of preordering a KNCMiner Jupiter. The reasons I haven't are that: Make Offer - Butterfly Labs BFL Little Single BF0050G ASIC Bitcoin BTC SHA-256 Miner 60GH/s Vintage Butterfly Labs Jalapeno SHA-256 Bitcoin Miner 5-10 GH/s ASIC Miner $54.99 5 GH/s Bitcoin Miner from Butterfly Labs can mine Litecoin? Ask Question Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Active 4 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 49k times 4. 2. I was wondering buy this ASIC miner of 5GH/s to mine Litecoin. I want know, can I mine Litecoin with this powerful tool? If not, there any ASIC miner's that can mine Litecoin? Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics.

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Butterfly Labs 50 Gh/s ASIC Bitcoin Miner SHA-256

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Butterfly Labs 5 GH/s ASIC Bitcoin mining rig, the Jalapeno Part 2 - Duration: 8:16. ... T4D #84 - Pt 2 Bitcoin Mining, BFL ASIC vs FPGA vs GPU vs CPU - Duration: 28:50. This is a BFL 50 Gh/s mining rig mining sha-256 algorithm crypto coins. Stable at ~ 55 Gh/s using MinePeon on a Raspberry Pi ... Butterfly Labs 5 GH/s ASIC Bitcoin Miner (Jalapeno) Review ... T4D #84 - Pt 2 Bitcoin Mining, BFL ASIC vs FPGA vs GPU vs CPU - Duration: 28:50. mjlorton 63,544 views. ... Butterfly Labs 5 GH/s ASIC Bitcoin Miner (Jalapeno) Review - Duration: 11:42. It is mining sha-256 algorithm crypto coins and is stable at ~ 55 Gh/s using MinePeon on a Raspberry Pi. Currently Bitcoin mining with this BFL miner. Category