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Date: 2015-07-24
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Hey Joe! You are awesome man! My question is this: what was it like teaching Kirk Hammett? What was his skill level like before and after his lessons with you? Thanks! Ha! Skill level?!
Kirk was already a pro when he started lessons. he was in the band Exodus playing lead guitar. All I tried to do was increase his awareness of more musical options and practicing disciplines.
He was a good student. Many of his friends and contemporaries would storm out complaining thinking I was a too harsh a teacher.
Jude Gold from Guitar World, recounted a story that I didn't remember. He was taking a lesson from me and recounted a story I for his last podcast. There was an 8 year old before me, in the middle of Jude's lesson I told him that the 8 year old did better than you did in an attempt to get him to practice.
Kids were cute, walk in the toys and put them on amp. They had no fear of the guitar teacher. It was the teenagers that were a bundle of nerves. Adults were depressing.
Music teachers face a lot of psychiatry. You have to remind them, I'm just the guitar teacher.
Charlie Hunter was a student, met him when I was 8 years old. He was really something.
It blows my mind to see how well you manage to write so many different albums successfully: many artists' material doesn't differ much with the years, but you seem to magnificently reinvent yourself and your music every two years or so. How do you keep finding new avenues to explore - and explore them so well? With the years, your writing and playing styles have evolved much: you mentioned this when describing the reasons why Crushing Day didn't make it in your setlists these days. I was wondering if the opposite happened sometimes: did you ever write a song you weren't particularly fond of, but ended up loving it with the years? Out of all your songs, Steve Vai's favorite is Cryin', according to a recent Q&A he did on Facebook. Which of Steve's songs is your favorite? You recently mentioned that in your current approach to writing songs, you have a movie playing in your head. How does this approach differ when the theme to the song you're writing is imposed, such as your soundtrack to Nascar 06? How would you say the arrival of Mike, Brian and Marco in the band influenced you in the studio? Or maybe even live? Metal always seemed rather present around you along the years, whether it's the bands you've played with or toured with, the guitarists you taught to, or even the album you produced. So I was wondering: how would you qualify your relationship with metal? Some incredible songs of yours are rarely part of your setlists and considered "cursed" because there was always something unexpected happening when playing them. Can you share some stories about these? 2) Not exactly. Although in the process of making a record. Some songs present more challenges as you try to complete them. Because of the unusual approach that you take to produce it. Sometimes at the end of the extended amount of labor you have something special, you have tried to get to it's ultimate potential. I think as an example, the song "Time," from the Crystal Planet record was started in 1987 for the Surfing record. Took several albums and years to figure out how to finish it. It was worth the wait and the effort, I hope. 4) I'm surprised someone mentioned that theme song. That was the first and last video game thing I ever did. Well the given themes were actually a number. There were cues that were requested. Seven second, fifteen second version and a 30. You can imagine, same number of cues for winning, trying, losing, getting a second chance. That's enough to get my mind moving to get that internal movie to write to. 5) They brought new amounts of energy and fresh ideas into how to interpret the catalog and the new material. 6) Working on G3 for late 2016. Who else would you like to see? 8) I was really into Black Sabbath as a young kid. My early foundations of rock are shared with the birth of metal music.
My most memorable shows ever were part of one or the other G3 tours you have done. Are there any plans to bring a new G3 tour to us in the future? Oh, and by the way - Marty Friedman would be happy to be part of the tour, wink wink ;) 7) I'm not, starting with the first Chickenfoot, all records have been in Eb, with just a few songs in standard.
How many takes did you have to shoot for that Sony walkman commercial in the 20th century? I wasn't in the commercial. They used "Summer Song" without any talking over it. I wasn't in it, just a bunch of people using products from that time. So zero takes. That was a bit of controversy. MTV wouldn't play it, they might kill someone, etc. We filmed around a demolition derby. As were going into the MTV Awards, we'd wasted money on a video, Sony called with this idea. There is no talking over, put Cyron over the video and it was great.
Sony even had ads before and after the video during the award show. Sony's influence was great. Wherever we went, they turned it into radio spots, they played it as that TV commercial.
PS If you're willing to take a bonus question about guitar playing, what's the best way to memorize the fretboard? I used to teach an exercise, Find the note everywhere. You pick a note and string by string you play it on the fretboard in all it's locations, as fast as you can. All the way up and all the way back down. It's a horrible exercise, but it must be done.
Hey Joe, I was in your concert in München few years ago. Unfortunately, I was too drunk to listen and passed out outside, 30 minutes after concert started. I was passed out too. I actually remember that tour. I think I was wearing my hair in a ponytail, that's probably why I went bald on that tour.
How do you think has music transformed post 'The Extremist' release? That was the height of grunge. In a funny way it was the beginning of techno starting up. The reaction was techno. When file sharing in 98. The beginning of everything turning upside down and starting over again.
How much of guitar playing do you think is natural talent/practice? I think the physical part might be a 50/50 split between natural ability and good practice techniques. Creativity, originality and the ability to make people feel music seems to be tied to each unique personality. That gives us all a chance to grow as musicians/artists.
Did you enjoy working with WorkShopLive? Would you consider collaborating with another online education site to help spread your music / talents? My experience with online teaching has not been good. Never been comfortable with it. I prefer what we've accomplished with the G4 experience, having four days with 200 campers and up to 10 pros teaching all day long giving performances. Having one and one experiences with students.
Hey Joe just a simple question. Have tried other string instruments and which is your favorite? I just acquired an Emerald 12 string/mandolin hybrid guitar made with carbon fiber. I'm really fascinating with it right now, it's a great instrument.
You can use your guitar chops to get the mandolin sound.
(Link to
Woh! It's Joe freaking Satriani! First of all I want to thank you for inspiring me to start playing guitar. My question is, can you be my guitar teacher? It seems to have worked out for many of your former students and I could brag the the freaking Satch is my teacher! Sure, but first, you must locate the Pick of Destiny and bring it to me by the next full moon. Also, you must convince Steve Vai to come with you to enchant the spirits with his unusual guitar playing so as to allow the Pick of Destiny be released to his care. For this service you must pay Steve, 666 billion bitcoins. See you Thursday.
Joe, I love your music -- The Extremist (especially 'Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness') can bring me out of any imaginable funk. Though I hope your career is far from over, do you have an album that you consider your "Opus"? No. I don't know. Once I finish a record, I have to leave it and start another one right away. I don't look back I don't try to analyze. I am always afraid in analyzing the mojo will go away. Leave the analysis to the critics and fans and I'll just stick to the playing.
What was is like playing with Deep Purple on tour? I always thought that one of the toughest roles must be replacing a member of a legendary band. Yes, I had a lot of fun playing with Deep Purple but like you, realize there was no way to replace Richie Blackmore.
Ultimately, it led to my decision not to accept the invitation to join the band permanently.
What is your favorite scale, and why is it Lydian Dominant? Haha I never said that was my favorite scale unless I was trying to get rid of someone.
I love all scales equally, what makes a scale when it's used at the right moment.
Hello, Joe! Here in Brazil we noted a presence of some northeastern brazilian rhythms in the track "On Peregrine Wings". There is any consistency in this way of thinking? Thanks! Yes. My extensive touring of the world over the last 25 years has exposed me to a lot of fantastic music from different parts of the world that I like to include in my music.
How many hours a day do you typically spend practicing? How many hours does it typically take you to master a new song that? If I'm preparing for a tour, maybe 5 hours a day. If I'm writing I might be playing but not practicing 8 hours a day.
Hi Joe! I've had your music playing in the background of a lot of my life. It's great to see you do the AMA. Whar sets this new album apart, and what inspires you to keep at writing and playing? It's my first real concept record. It's allowed me to be more adventurous and playful with composition and the harmonic sequences that I built new melodies on top of.
Link to My question is. When did you first hold a guitar? Since it was probably my sister's guitar. I could have been as young as 7 or 8 years old. It was an affordable nylon folk guitar.
What artist has influenced you most? Will you ever come anywhere near Memphis? Did I hear some slide in Shockwave Supernova? Why Ibanez? Played Memphis, really enjoyed it. Mud Island.
Yes, there is some slide playing.
Ibanez makes the greatest guitars.
What was your first amplifier? Wolensack reel to reel tape recorder and then the other one was a Univox 1x12 combo.
Hey Satch! If you were a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be? This is going to be an epic sandwich.
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