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Simple steps I've done which helped to improve the LocalBitcoins popularity in Russia

Right now perhaps you already saw that topics which says that LocalBitcoins going up in Russia. And this is great news! (
I am and my friend work hard on explaining people the LocalBitcoins basics - we even have our Local meet ups with ~150 attendants in my city. I am that guy who created multiple LocalBitcoins promoting forum topics, here's few of them (4 months ago): here and here and we have another P2P exchanger:
And of course I keep telling everyone in Russia about localbitcoins using all communication channels possible.
Also 2 weeks ago I've made thousands of edits to improve our Bitcoin wiki section, and created "Limited Supply" page on Russian My nickname on Bitcoin's wiki is earlfox. Here's another wiki page I've created:
Here's the descriptions I've edited to put LocalBitcoins at the top of the wiki exchange services listings: (sell bitcoins) (buy bitcoins)
History says that I've done last edits on November 30.
I am not saying that LocalBitcoin's success, is 100% my efforts, my friends were helping me too.
And also I'm encouraging everybody who knows even a little of their own local languages - go ahead and edit your own version of wiki - because Bitcoin's Wiki could be improved by EVERYONE! Go ahead and find the most convenient way to exchange their Bitcoins & put it on your language wiki page as a first exchange & also talk about it everywhere on your national forums.
Everything begun 1 year ago when I found out about LocalBitcoins and its convenience in Russia.
You can see my history on Reddit that I have thousands of posts promoting P2P systems.
P2P systems are great for countries like Russia, because this is something new for Russia! Previously before Bitcoin we had such famous system called "WebMoney" - since this company is located in offshore countries and not fully compliant to Russian laws, people created great digital currency infrastructure very similar to Bitcoin (you may think of WebMoney as of e-gold because it operates completely the same way but without illegal operations like official drug selling - but unofficially - maybe someone doing it).
Why LocalBitcoin becomes popular in Russia? Because our systems like sberbank, QIWI, webmoney, are pretty much competitors and don't like sending money to each other - but 99% of Internet population are using these services, and everybody think that it is unfair that I can't make a payments from Sberbank to QIWI, from QIWI to Yandex.Money - but those things could be easily exchanged among each other using!
LocalBitcoins is the way to go in Russia if you would like to easily purchase your first Bitcoins!
And even if local governments will shutdown access to (because Russian Internet ISP's has law for censoring the Internet - THEY CAN BAN ANY WEB-SITE - AND THEY'VE ALREADY BANNED A LOTS OF WEB-SITES! which is totally unfair)
** UPDATE ** Didn't expected such a wonderful response from reddit. Going to share about this on our Russian forums to mark the importance of telling people about LocalBitcoins in our country (because only 5% of Bitcoin users here in Russia knows that they can buy Bitcoins so conveniently at LocalBitcoins without having to use only 1 system - Yandex.Money which is the only system which is offered at - our 1st popular Bitcoin exchange which can be easily shutdown by government) We have way more Bitcoin-friendly systems and not only Yandex.Money!
Here's the list of our Bitcoin-friendly systems: Sberbank.Online, QIWI, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, TCS iPhone/Web Banking, Alpha Bank Direct Payments, CONTACT, KUKURUZA and this is only 10% of the systems existing on the territory of our country!
The revolution here is the thing that you can build your own P2P web-site like LocalBitcoins - and if your User Interface / technologies like MultiSig (which is absent right now on LocalBitcoins), then you don't even need a license for such service to work in our country!
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