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HELP! I need someone who can throw together a Bitcoin website for me: Bitcoin-Allentown.org

HELP! I need someone who can throw together a Bitcoin website for me. I live in Allentown, the locale where a Subway has begun accepting Bitcoin, and became a national sensation. The owner, Sapan Shah, has been featured in the Lehigh Valley's newspaper Morning Call, and on the local TV station WFMZ, and has been interviewed on CNBC.
I had an idea. I went to several other Subways in the Lehigh Valley, and also to other restaurants in the same mall as the famous Subway. Many of them could see the unique publicity opportunity available to them at this time, and I think I could set up a meeting where Sapan Shah (I haven't talked to him yet about this) could relate his experience in setting up a merchant account with Coinbase, and training his employees to accept Bitcoin transactions from customers. We could then hand-hold any interested proprietors through the process of signing up with Coinbase.
I could put together a schlocky website myself in Dreamweaver, but I'm hoping there is a Bitcoin enthusiast out there who is a seasoned website designer, and could make an attractive site in just a few hours (also, if there are any other Lehigh Valley Bitcoin aficionados that would like to help please PM me).
What I need is something to which I could point Lehigh Valley merchants, and I would go out and hand out flyers to pique their interest.
The URL is: Bitcoin-Allentown.org
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Sapan Shah, a 24-year-old graduate student at Lehigh University, has created a tourist attraction of sorts for bitcoin enthusiasts. Since he began accepting the digital currency at his Allentown ... The shop owner, Sapan Shah, started accepting the currency three weeks ago. On an average day, maybe three customers use the virtual currency. ... More Bitcoin news . Senate takes a close look at ... Sapan Shah started accepting the virtual currency Bitcoin at his Subway franchise in the Philadelphia suburb of Allentown in November. Almost immediately, people began trickling in from out of ... Sapan Shah is a serial entrepreneur with more than 9 years of experience in building successful businesses in the technology and services industries. An able leader with an astute business acumen, he has driven teams to execute the most complex business goals with optimum results. In 2013, Subway franchise-owner Sapan Shah installed a tablet at his cashier to accept bitcoin. With the speed of a typical card transaction, he was able to accept the cryptocurrency at this shop ...

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